A New Nordic Ski Map Site

A New Nordic Ski Map Site

Welcome Nordic Ski – Snowshoers of Ontario – Feb. 2014

I have skied in Ontario for more than 45 years and have come to like our winters. Hey you gotta do something with it! I started off as a kid learning downhill from a father who was one of the better skiers in Austria. It became apparent in my 20’s that Ontario is rather flat and good downhill is far away. I chanced to find a sale on cross-country skis one day and started finding spots closer to home to trek.

Years later, I joined clubs and did daytrip bus runs to ski resorts. At this point I have skied almost every spot on this nordic ski map site. Often I would look out the window and ask myself where to go this weekend for a ski. I hope to share on this site my knowledge and insight to help you make a good decision and get out too.

Where this site goes and how big it gets we will see. My wish would be to eventually get every nordic ski resort and worthy park trail on the map. Promoting and building a community of ski enthusiasts will be another goal.

Not only is Nordic skiing (classic cross-country and skate skiing) readily available to us, it’s cheaper and healthier than most winter sports, be it downhill or snowmobiling.

And I have included Snowshoeing, as it can be done at  most locations, and is a great way for many to get out of the city and hike through the wilderness.

Please bookmark and come back again when you need inspiration, incentive or directions to your next outing.

With the snow Ontario gets every winter, it offers great possibilities, so get out and ski those trails!

say hello if see me on the trail – Dan R.

at Hardwood Lookout

February 16, 20142 Comments
  • thomas says:

    Great site. Just wondering; do volenteers update the “Nordic Snow Condition” chart or people working at the ski trails?
    Good info on the speed sheet, but not really up to date. Not trying to bitch, just wondering how this chart works.

    • The Snow Conditions table is for anyone to add a report. A few resorts have done so and I have added a few too. I certainly wish there to be more submissions.

      As I have just started running this feature a few weeks ago, it will take time to catch on. I have sent out emails to many locations, to my Newsletter subscribers and posted on the Facebook group. We are busy, but I hope it becomes usefully.

      And I also just added a great weather service on the site – Windy.com that will help us all figure out if the skiing is good before we go.

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