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Free Nordic Trail Chart

Free Nordic Trail Chart

Get Your Free Nordic Trail Reference Chart


I got thinking that it would be very handy for Nordic skiers and Snowshoe folks to have something they could refer to when looking to go out somewhere new and play in the snow.

Sure you can come to this site and surf for ideas, but what if you also had a condensed list of all the trails as a starting reference.

After much thought and many hours labouring, I think I’ve put together a decent list of all 60+ trails on this site, in a quick to read format. This PDF file can be saved on your phone, desktop or printed out as a reference.

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click here to get your Free Ski Trail Reference Chart

Here is What is Listed on the Chart :

Trail Number – number matches the approximate location on the map on page 1.

Trail Name – common name for this resort, club, forest or woodlot. Links to webpage with a full review

Location – general location in Ontario of trails. Some trail spots do not have exact addresses; refer to OST website maps

X-Country km – total kilometres of cross -country, track set ski trails

Skate Ski km – total kilometres of groomed skate skiing trails

Snowshoe km – total kilometres of designated, signed snowshoe trails (often you can do more)

Skill Level – which levels – Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, at this location are best suited, safe and fun for a skier. All Levels – there is enough trail for every skill level to enjoy.  Note this rating is not based on distance.

Adult Pass – fee (if any) to ski for the day for one adult on the weekends; snowshoeing may be less

Chalet – warming hut, cabin or chalet, to rest, eat lunch, perhaps change and warm up, (some are not open weekdays)

Food – food and water available – snack bar, cafeteria

Rentals – can rent gear to try out Nordic skiing or snowshoeing

Lessons – can take lessons to learn technique (local clubs may offer their own lessons)

Pro Shop – sells wax, skis, boots, clothes and accessories

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click here to get your Free Ski Trail Reference Chart

To get this free Nordic Trail Chart, click on one of the 3 purple buttons Cross Country, Skate ski or Snowshoe the box in the margin on the left or below is viewed on a phone.

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Now I encourage you to stay subscribed to the newsletter because with each new issue I will have a link to an updated version of this chart.

Currently, I have yet to publish my first newsletter as other things have been more of a priority as the email list builds. Site development, trail scouting and posting reviews.

Busy as I am, there will be one soon and after that, there might be one monthly. Truly I do not what to spam or publish junk emails so it will depend on what valuable content I have to pass on to you.

In the future, I have plans on perhaps publishing an Ebook of these trail reviews with my own maps, photos. Or even a paperback book of this site. If such a book would be of interest to you, send me a note to encourage me.

And it goes without saying, if you think of improvements/changes for this list, I am listening, contact me.


Have pleasant outings, see you on the trail – Dan Roitner

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