Kennedy Rd. north of Davis Dr.
Posted on February 9, 2018 / 2915
Listing Type : Cross Country Ski / Snowshoe
X-Ski km : 7
Snowshoe km : 7+
Skill Level : Easy
Terrain : small hills, wide paths, gentle hills, open fields, flat sections
Facilities : parking, trailhead map
Trail Fee : Free

Length –    7 km

Cross Country track set   – none
Skate Skiing  groomed  – none
Snowshoe  trail –  7 km

Skill – Easy

Terrain – Flat sections, rolling hills, forest on the east side, fields on the west

Hours – Daylight hours

Fee – Free

Trail Map – Trailhead map, signed at a few junctions

Facilities – Parking, no services

Highlights – Scenic, wilderness, close to TO

Phone – None

Website –  York Forest

Current Conditions – No grooming

Similar Trails –  Seneca , Bronte Creek

Local Clubs –   Scarborough Cross Country Ski Club, Trakkers Cross Country

Access – Use the trailhead/parking on Kennedy Rd. above Davis Dr. which is a dead end. Or park on the McCowan Rd. east entrance.

The Bendor & Graves Tract is a little known woodlot offering a chance for Toronto area skiers to go for a quick loop for free.

Being just north of the city, it offers 7 km of wide paths to explore with a few gentle hills and flat stretches.

I prefer the west side, Kennedy Rd. entrance to start which is quiet and has enough spots for parking. When you enter the forest the paths split and branch off giving you a few choices for a return route.

As you work your way to the north east side the trail opens up to a field with newly planted trees. This takes you to the McCowan Rd. parking lot.

If the cold winds are blowing you may not want to venture farther. And the trail gets pretty straight too.

Over the last few years snow has been limited. (stating the obvious)

Your timing to go and ski should be just after a snowfall as it is a popular spot for dog walkers, hence the new snow will get trampled within a day or two. And also watch out for dog poop!

Snowshoers have plenty of area to traverse. Try to find the pond on the south end and the train tracks that wind up the middle. You really cannot get lost here.

If you own your own gear and don’t want to do the big drive to a resort, then this place is great for a half day outing and it’s free too!

Opening Hours
  • Monday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Tuesday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Wednesday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Thursday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Friday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Saturday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Sunday :Dawn to Dusk

Bendor trail map

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