99 Lakeshore Dr., Capreol
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Listing Type : Cross Country Ski / Snowshoe
Location : Northern Ontario
X-Ski km : 23
Skate km : none
Snowshoe km : 2
Skill Level : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : small hills, large hills, steep sections, flat sections
Facilities : parking, chalet, warming huts, toilets/outhouse, change rooms, drinking water, food close by, trailhead map, trails maintained, track set, pro shop, gear rentals
Trail Fee : Yes

 Length –   23 km
Cross Country track set   – 23 km
Skate Skiing  groomed  –  none
Snowshoe  trail –  NEW 3 km trail

Skill – All levels

Terrain –  Beginner flat sections, rolling hills, large hills out back

Hours – 11 – 4 pm daily, weekends open at 9 am

Fee – Cash only $5 trail pass, $10 ski rentals, cheap snacks too

Trail Map – New trail signage and map

Facilities –  Parking, chalet, lunch area, snack bar, rentals

Highlights – Scenic, large boulders, birch trees, inexpensive, well-groomed, friendly club

Phone – Chalet 705 858 0555

Website – None

Current Conditions – 705 858 4289 or FB page

Similar Trails – North Bay Nordic, Walden, Windy Lake

Local Clubs – Capreol Cross-Country Ski Club – Facebook

Access – On the other side of the river from the town of Capreol. Take dirt road off Lakeshore St. along river, cross bridge and head back north to the right of the small downhill ski area.

 Just by the river the Capreol Cross-Country Ski Club runs an excellent, little known set of classic cross-country ski loops that are worth the drive if you are in the Sudbury area.

Run by volunteers, the trails are well groomed, folks are friendly and prices are more than reasonable.

Beginners can start with an almost flat loop Renes Trail that takes you to the Vermilion River’s edge, while seasoned skiers may wish to head up the incline to more hilly runs.

I found none of the hills too challenging, and most were short and straight in nature. Outback there are a few good climbs if you take on the Advanced long and lonely Red loop.

This is a scenic spot with trails meandering through a forest of white birches and spruce, with the odd giant boulder the size of a car.

Here you will find a great low-key almost rustic feel to your ski experience. Ski trails wind up into the serene backwoods gradually. A few old signs keep you going and the landscape varies enough to make it fun.

The 10km Advanced red loop is the highlight with birches and boulders. Long, hilly but not super hard and you can shorten that length by cutting out two smaller loops from it. At the end, you get rewarded with a long straight downhill bomber.

Another fast downhill can be had if you take the upper High Line trail back.

Be sure to try the Low Line trail that runs along the pond (Black Bird Lagoon). Very pretty, with the hill of white birches on your left.

This ski spot has no skate skiing, and with an almost continuous double set track on each side of the trail for all the loops, you would be challenged to even try and skate it.

Monthly moonlight skiing is offered.

Recently they have added 3 km of new Snowshoe loops. And they finally have a  proper trail map!  :^)

Opening Hours
  • Monday :11 am - 4 pm
  • Tuesday :11 am - 4 pm
  • Wednesday :11 am - 4 pm
  • Thursday :11 am - 4 pm
  • Friday :11 am - 4pm
  • Saturday :9 am - 4 pm
  • Sunday :9 am - 4 pm
Capreol ski and snowshoe trail map

Capreol ski and snowshoe trail map

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