Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park, Quebec
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Gatineau Park
Location : Eastern Ontario
Note : EPIC
X-Ski km : 200
Skate km : 125
Snowshoe km : 70
Skill Level : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : large hills, wide paths, steep sections, tight turns, open fields, flat sections
Facilities : parking, chalet, warming huts, toilets/outhouse, change rooms, lodging near, drinking water, food close by, trailhead map, good trail signage, trails maintained, track set
Trail Fee : Yes

Length –   200 km

Cross Country track set – 200+ km
Skate Skiing  groomed  ~ 125 km
Training course – 5.5 km
Snowshoe  trail –  70 km

Skill – all levels, some very challenging areas

Terrain – flat sections, fields, mixed forest, large hills

Hours – daylight hours

Fee Adult day pass $20, Youth $15, Family $45

Ski Trail Map, Snowshoe Trail Mapwell signed maps at junctions, purchase paper map   Gatineau PDF map  8MB

Facilities –  14 parking lots, chalet, rentals, snacks, 10 warming shelters, waxing tables, outhouses, a few overnight cabins/yurts

Highlights – scenic, wilderness, large area, lakes, lookouts

Phone – 1 866 456 3016 visitors centre

Website –  NCC Ski ,  NCC Snowshoe

Current Conditions   NCC

Similar Trails – Horseshoe, North Bay, Highlands Nordic

Local Clubs – XC SkiingXCOttawa

Access – with 14 parking lots there are many trailheads to start at. The one on the site map is just a central suggestion.

some photos by Active Steve and Brett Hodnett

One must include Gatineau Park on this map as it claims to be the largest network of cross-country ski trails in North America. 

It has around 200 km of trail to suit everyone from the beginner to athletes training for the Olympics. A must go for all, at some point.

Though geographically it is across the river in Quebec, I have to add this, as everyone from Ottawa goes here. The hilly terrain, variety of long trails and scenic beauty in the Gatineau Hills is the draw. (The Ottawa Valley side is rather flat.)

A large, well-maintained area with groomed trails and ski patrols. There are plenty of websites to check on current snow conditions, as it is known for periods of icy or stupid cold  weather. (-20C).

The main 125 km of wide trails are typically access summer roads that are shared as classic set track and skate skiing in the winter.

I find them too wide, too flat and opt for secondary loops groomed tighter in wooded hiking type paths, for the more experienced skiers.

And there is still get even more hiking trail for the backcountry skier. Here you will find tracks cut by other skiers to follow or you make your own. (I like doing that.)

As a beginner, make sure you pick the runs easy enough for you to manage, short and not too hilly.

Also, never underestimate how long (time) a loop will take. This is a big place and I once had to bolt for hours to make it back to the club ski bus. (which left me behind; that’s another story…lol)

One of the largest Loppets (race) is held here in February, which draws many young and old.

For Snowshoeing, there about 60 km of hilly track to stomp through. Of these 7 trails, 28 km are shared with Fatbike riders.

Most of these loops are groomed and patrolled. And being a hilly area, you know there is going to be some good verticals and long loops, so pick your spots wisely.

A wonderful area for all that not only has variety and offers challenges, but a longer season with plenty of snow too. Thus an Ontario hub for avid winter sport enthusiasts (that’s you) and serious Nordic training teams.

Opening Hours
  • Monday :9 - 4 pm
  • Tuesday :9 - 4 pm
  • Wednesday :9 - 4 pm
  • Thursday :9 - 4 pm
  • Friday :9 - 4 pm
  • Saturday :9 - 5 pm
  • Sunday :9 - 5 pm

Gatineau Ski Trails

Gatineau Ski Trail map

Gatineau Snowshoe Trail Map

Gatineau Snowshoe Trail Map

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