Somerville Tract

4420 Monck Rd., hwy 45, Kinmount
Posted on March 11, 2022 / 1101
Somerville Tract
Listing Type : Cross Country Ski / Snowshoe
Location : Central Ontario
Note : New Review
X-Ski km : 8.5
Skate km : none
Snowshoe km : 8.5
Skill Level : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : small hills, narrow paths, tight turns, flat sections
Facilities : parking, food close by, trailhead map
Trail Fee : Free

Length –  8.5 km

Cross Country track set   –  8.5 km
Skate Skiing  groomed  –  none
Snowshoe  trail –  8.5 km 

Skill – Easy to Intermediate

Terrain – Somewhat level, short hills, steeper ones further in

Hours – Daylight hours

Fee – Free

Trail Map – Map boards and trail markers on the loops, no paper map

Facilities – Large parking lot, and that’s it

Highlights – Scenic, wilderness, quiet

Phone – 705 324 9411 ext 1176

Website – Kawartha Lakes 

Current Conditions – Not groomed

Similar Trails – Muskoka KOAWhitchurch – Porritt

Local Clubs – Kawartha Nordic Ski ClubHaliburton Highlands Nordic Trails Ski Club

Access – 4420 Monck Rd (Highway 45), about 5.6 km west of Kinmount.

Parking lot entrance on the south side of the road. The sign on the highway was so low relative to the snow height that we almost missed it.

The Somerville Tract Forest is a lovely 8.5 km journey consisting of three loops through the woods west of Kinmount. We did two of them on a sunny afternoon and were delighted at our find.

This is a quiet, natural, rustic location, meaning there are marked trails and parking; that’s it. This is a little-known forest reserve that locals enjoy and you can too.

The parking lot gets plowed, but it wasn’t done the day we arrived. No matter, AWD was employed and we decided to snowshoe rather than cross country ski this time. 

New snow from the night before had not been ski tracked by anyone and it was icy underneath. Perfect for snowshoes that have metal teeth to grip that slippery ice. 

We stomped in to find an old map board and decided to do only Loops 1 & 2 for a total of 4.6 km. You cannot go as far on snowshoes as you can on Nordic skis. There is a shortcut to reduce this length but actually, Loop 2 was the most scenic.

As we got to the far end of this loop, we had a chance to walk down to an opening in the trees. An expansive clearing suggested this is a soggy, marshy area in the summer. From unpleasant reviews I read from hikers and MTB riders, it seems these trails are best used in the winter.

After crossing a small bridge, we came to the junction with a map, where the shortcut meets and Loop 3 starts. This 3.4 km blue loop is a harder path to follow and has a few steep inclines, making it a better choice for more adventurous skiers than beginners.

On our return, we encountered a few two-metre hills and quick turns. I could see why beginner skiers should do it in this direction (counterclockwise). The paths are narrow for skiing, and ungroomed, but it’s a relatively easy level trek.

I think the last stretch was an old dirt road, but you can’t always tell when there is half a metre of snow cover.

Signage was adequate; markers are small, but in the winter it seems more obvious where others have trodden. The Ganaraska trail passes through here as well.

Much of the forest was evergreens, cedar, hemlock, and pines that gave the trek a more enclosed feel, with occasional moments when the path opened up to blue sky. I hope your visit is as magical as ours was.

In the village of Kinmount six km east, you can find a hot meal, otherwise expect to drive much farther.

Opening Hours
  • Monday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Tuesday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Wednesday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Thursday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Friday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Saturday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Sunday :Dawn to Dusk

Kawartha Map 

Somerville winter trail map

Somerville winter trail map (photo of the map board)

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