Whitchurch & Porritt

3750 Aurora Rd. & Warden Ave.
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Whitchurch & Porritt
X-Ski km : 9
Skate km : 5
Snowshoe km : 10
Skill Level : Easy
Terrain : small hills, large hills, wide paths, narrow paths, gentle hills, flat sections
Facilities : parking, toilets/outhouse, trailhead map
Trail Fee : Free

Length –  4 + 5  km

Cross Country track set  – 9 km
Skate Skiing  groomed  – 5 km
Snowshoe  trail –  10  km

Skill – Easy

Terrain – Much of it is flat sections, rolling hills on the south end. Well treed woodlot.

Hours – Daylight hours

Fee – Free

Trail Map – Limited signage, Oak Ridge Trail tree swatches

Facilities – Parking, outhouse, shelter

Highlights – Very close to Toronto, pond, quite 

Phone – 905 895 1281

Website –  Lake Simcoe CA

Current Conditions – No grooming

Similar Trails –   Durham Forest, Wye Marsh, Seneca College

Local Clubs –   NTSC,  HPSC

Access –  Larger parking lot at 3750 Aurora Road than 14989 Warden Ave.  Porritt parking at 15428 and 15710 Kennedy Rd., I would pick the south lot as it has more space and trail loops.

Whitchurch Conservation Area has always been my secret go-to cross-country ski spot when I had to get out of town after a good snowfall.

Close and central to Toronto, it has a few easy paths to loop around. Rustic and quiet though with few amenities, one has to be self-sufficient and likely cut your own track or follow someones else foray. There is no grooming here in this woodlot.

Whitchurch is rather a small place with a pond, shelter and outhouses but soon the narrow trail leads you to the Robinson Tract south of it. Here is where you can open up on wider forest roads.

For Skate skiers willing to try, use the Warden Ave entrance as it starts as a wide access road. There are hikers in here but not too many tracking around.

Most of this area is flat, with a little hilly tighter trail along the south fence that beginners may want to avoid.

For the Snowshoe crowd, it offers an easy walk on the trail or cut your own. You cannot get lost in here. Eventually, you will get to a horse ranch, monster homes or the road.

The other woodlot north up the road on the map is the Porritt Tract & Pangman Springs area. You will find this similar yet with larger hills. Not so much fun for some but better for exercise.

One of the closest opportunities to ski in the woods out of  Toronto, it also suffers from lack of snow in the last few years. So enjoy it while you can…

Use your “rock skies” if in doubt as there is a gravel bed underneath leaving from the west entrance if the snowbase is thin.

The last thing — it is hard to estimate the total trail length in here, even the map does not show everything.

Photos taken only at Whitchurch…and was it ever beautiful as it snowed.

Opening Hours
  • Monday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Tuesday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Wednesday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Thursday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Friday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Saturday :Dawn to Dusk
  • Sunday :Dawn to Dusk

Whitchurch Porritt trail map

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