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  • All Levels - Albion Hills Conservation Area is likely the best all-round spot to Nordic ski and Skate ski for someone from Toronto. It has rentals and easy track for beginners, yet lots of distance and good hills (as the name implies) to ke...
    X-Ski km: 26
    Skate km: 7
    Snowshoe km: 2
  • All Levels - Durham Forest is one of the largest wooded areas to Nordic ski and snowshoe on the eastside of Toronto. Just south of Uxbridge, it is a mature mix forest canopy with lots of variety and more trail than you can do in a day. A hi...
    X-Ski km: 16+
    Skate km: 12+
    Snowshoe km: 15+
  • All Levels -Just east, outside of North Bay are the ski loops of North Bay Nordic. These are pleasant, wide, well-maintained cross country, skate and snowshoe trails that wind through the evergreens. The area slopes up slowly to higher grou...
    X-Ski km: 28
    Skate km: 28
    Snowshoe km: 6+
  • Intermediate to Advanced - Highlands Nordic (Duntroon) is one of the best full service Nordic ski spots and popular on any sunny weekend.  All 25 km of trail are wide enough for combined classic and skate skiing. They always seem to have sn...
    X-Ski km: 25
    Skate km: 25
    Snowshoe km: 7
  • All Levels - Arrowhead Provincial Park has long been a favourite to skiers willing to drive to Huntsville. You're guaranteed snow there and great Nordic skiing. Every level can find a trail to suit and some fresh air amongst the trees. The ...
    X-Ski km: 30
    Skate km: 16
    Snowshoe km: 9