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Ontario Provincial Parks

Main List,  Ont. Parks Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr) may have comments posted on current ski conditions.

Algonquin – Fen Lake  –  OST review

Algonquin – Leaf Lake  –  OST review

Arrowhead  –   OST review


Bronte Creek  –  OST review


Frontenac  –  OST review

Kakabeka Falls


MacGregor Point

Murphys Point  –  OST review

Pinery  –  OST review


Rushing River

Silent Lake  –  OST review

Sleeping Giant


Wasaga Beach  –  OST review

Windy Lake  –  OST review

Other Resort and
Ski Club Locations

Frost Centre  – OST review

Georgian Nordic  –  OST review

Gravenhurst KOA Trails  –  OST review

Hardwood Ski and Bike   – OST review

Hiawatha Highlands  – OST review

Highlands Nordic  – OST review

Horseshoe Resort  – OST review

Kawartha  – OST review

Kivi – OST review

Limberlost OST review

MansfieldOST review

Mono NordicOST review

RockawayOST review

Scenic Caves – OST review

Walden  – OST review


Also go directly to OST reviews, as many clubs post current snow conditions on their Facebook page. 


Ontario Snow Resorts Association. – mainly downhill resorts but a few have nordic skiing listed.

Weather Forecast and Snow Depth Map

  • Move the flag on the map to measure snow depth.
  • Click the flag arrow to display the weather forecast for that area.
  • Click on Snow Depth button, top right to reveal a mega menu

New Snow for this Week Map

  • Click on a time frame, bottom left, to see how much snow is forecasted to fall.
  • Or click on a point on the map.

Snow Conditions in Ontario for Nordic Sports



Dan doing a snowstorm trek

Winters in Ontario are never long enough for those of us keen on getting out to do a few weekends of Nordic skiing or snowshoeing.

The season starts maybe a few weeks into December, then goes on through January, February, March, and perhaps a longer winter may go into April.  In some areas, February can get too cold and windy to ski or snowshoe when it drops past  -20C ….Berrrrrr (stupid cold)

Being by the lake it’s always warmer and there likely is way more snow than you realise up north.

Locations east and west of Toronto can be icy due to the temperatures fluctuating around freezing 0C.  As well, certain areas as in Georgian Bay attract more snowfall. So it is never easy to tell.

Don’t judge the snow base of a northern resort by
looking out your window in Toronto

I remember once driving to Hardwood on a sunny 5C day, seeing no snow till 10 minutes from it. The skiing was not only great, no one knew. We had checked (bonus!) …and that is one reason they are there, more snowfall in that area.

Generally speaking, the more north you drive the better the odds of finding a base to ski on.

There are pockets in Ontario that typically get more snow annually from the lake effect. Georgian Bay / Lake Huron winds can produce more snow across a belt east and south of the coast.

When I hesitate, and still go, I am always glad I did — You will too!

About Resource Links: Local Weather & Snow Conditions in Ontario

Unfortunately, there are only a few websites to get a sense of the snow base.   Most sites are for downhill resorts, and they make their own snow! Wish we could  :^)

Below are a few links to assess snow conditions in Ontario for Nordic skiers and snowshoeing. I also put links on individual trail pages on this site, if I find them.

Also if it does happen that the ski season goes into April, even with a good base, resorts could be closed. Yup, a combination of Nordic skiers losing interest (wishing for spring) scheduling of staff, and the unpredictability of forecasting Ontario winters.

Always check conditions before you go! Who knows, your favourite spot may have gotten a big dump the night before or it’s currently raining.   

And the season is getting shorter with global warming. Ugh! No one has to go further north. But if you have the need, Sudbury and beyond may still be doing it in April.

It takes good weather, enough snow, time, planning and driving to get out and enjoy the winter.  The need to know is important.


Weather Websites – my new favourite, maps can show Snow Depth and New Snow plus tons of other info

Open Weather Map – very good detailed weather info

The Weather Network – Regional weather and ski reports from downhill resorts. (too much clickbait)

The Weather Channel – local weather formatted in yet another way – some details, favours downhill skiing

Environment Canada – Canadian government radar weather map and other details. Climate Normals & Averages

CCIN –  Canadian Snow Research, scientific data to ponder over

National Weather Service – Though American, Ontario is on their many detailed maps.

skiing in a storm