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How Not to Camp in the Winter

Another tale from the trails for a cozy fireplace read:

I asked my brother Allan to write me an account of his misfortunate winter adventures. I remember his tale of all the things that went wrong on this unforgettable weekend class trip.  Ill informed and unprepared they ventured into the frosty wilderness of the  Ontario, Algonquin Highlands. .

On One Ski to the Hot Tub

It was a beautiful, blue-sky, sunny kind of day, yet a cold one, I’m thinking at least -12C. A group of us were young and adventurous and planning a long cross-country ski trek for the day. We had heard about a connecting trail to Glebe Park and decided to investigate.

OST Newsletter Dec. 2022

First I want to wish you all the best for this festive season and next year – 2023. Let’s all step back and relax a bit from the madness of everyday life. Don on our warm winter wear and hit the trails for some solitude in the pines, fresh crisp air, and good cheerful company with our fellow Nordic skiers and snowshoers.

Get Ready to Nordic Ski & Snowshoe

As the winds blow colder and the snow arrives, thoughts of strapping on your cross country skis, skate skis or snowshoes come to mind. Eventually, the snow base will be enough to wander out and indulge in a favourite pastime. Are you ready?

Stay Warm Doing Winter Sports

The old adage “dress for the weather” is so true. No matter what Mother Nature throws at us, blizzards, sleet, snow, chilly winds or a deep freeze (within reason), you can be active and enjoy the outdoors in the winter, in comfort; just dress for it!

Tips on Trying Nordic Skiing

For those of you wondering and wishing to get out and try some Nordic skiing for the first time, here are a few tips to get you started.

I am going to help you sort out the easiest and safest options to try out this sport…so you do not get frustrated or hurt and give up too soon.