1101 Horseshoe Valley Rd. W., Barrie
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Location : Central Ontario
X-Ski km : 31
Skate km : 31
Snowshoe km : 12
Skill Level : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : large hills, wide paths, steep sections, open fields, flat sections
Facilities : parking, chalet, toilets/outhouse, change rooms, lodging near, drinking water, food close by, trailhead map, good trail signage, track set, pro shop, gear rentals
Trail Fee : Yes

Length –   35 km

Cross Country track set   – 31  km
Skate Skiing  groomed  – 31 km
Snowshoe  trail –  12 km +

Skill – all levels

Terrain – flat straight sections, large hills on the red trails, open areas on the golf courses can get windy

Hours – 9am – 4:30 pm daily – night skiing special events

Fee – Adult $40 weekends, 36 weekdays, Youth $31, under 5 free – Snowshoe $20

Trail Map – well marked and mapped

Facilities –  parking, chalet, cafeteria, waxing, rentals of skis and snowshoes, lessons, downhill skiing, lodging

Highlights – scenic, challenging hills, full service

Phone – 705 835 2790

Website – Horseshoe Resorts

Current Conditions 

Similar Trails – Glebe, Highlands Nordic, Hardwood

Local Clubs – High Park Ski ClubNorth Toronto Ski Club

Access – 1101 Horseshoe Valley Road West, park at the end of the road by the chalet on the north side of the road (the south side is for downhill skiing).

Horseshoe is a popular ski location that uses trails in Copeland Forest. All 31 kms are well-groomed with classic set track and wide enough for skate skiing.

There are paths for every level of Nordic skier to explore, from flat beginner to pro mega-hills, with plenty to pick from to make it a good day trip.

New visitors can rent skis and take lessons and try the flat loops behind the chalet. Seasoned skiers would pick east, south or the north loops to get started. They all have hills, with the north end giving you the most “exercise”.

Horseshoe has the largest hills in the area experienced skiers should try. Some are steep climbs with fast descents as a reward, others more gradual. Give yourself plenty of time if you go.

The south loop goes under the road (tunnel) onto the snow covered hilly golf course fairways. On a windy day, with no shelter, this gets chilly, not so good. It also no longer loops on the top which is fine; I do not remember that as special.

The only boring part at this resort is the snow covered access road running down the middle. Straight, long, flat and it goes on forever. (yawn)

Check the site for night skiing by lantern. It’s certainly a novel, fun way to ski. Bring a headlamp too.

Snowshoeing can be done on 12 km of marked trail and beyond, as this forest is big enough to get lost in. Copland is large and you can also bushwack your own trail if you come in from the top parking lots, for free.

The chalet has most amenities one could wish for. If you want to eat better, than the canteen food, head over to the main building by the downhill runs.

The lodge is one of the few locations where you can stay overnight and walk/ski to your cross-country skiing in Ontario.

With all this comes an expensive trail fee for what is basically a track set in the woods. Prices have recently gone way up. Why?

Always a popular spot on any sunny weekend, with a huge parking lot full of ski club buses and family SUVs. The area along with Hardwood gets extra snow to make it a longer season too.

Opening Hours
  • Monday :9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday :9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday :9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Thursday :9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Friday :9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Saturday :9 am - 4:30 pm
  • Sunday :9 am - 4:30 pm

Horseshoe Nordic Ski Trail Map

Horseshoe Snowshoe Trail Map


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