Nordic ski trail map

Submit your Nordic Ski  & Snowshoe Trails (for Free)

I am always willing to post new Nordic Ski and Snowshoe destinations on the OST site. If you know a good location that should be on my site maps then send me a note. I’ll try to get there or at least post a listing of your ski/snowshoe loops for all to see. Here is what I need:


  • Photos of the trails, groomed and with people on them in the background. The skiers and snowshoers give scale and interest to the shots. Most faces reproduce so small and are far away to be recognized. If they can be, please make sure they give permission to be published.


  • Include photos of your chalet (inside and out), trail signs, scenic vistas, night skiing and anything else about your location if they can be taken on a sunny day, all the better.


  • REsize the photos to a smaller of around 2000 pixels on the longer dimension, if you can before sending, please. Send files or a link to your pix.

I will post the map from your club site and I will write up a short description about your trails. I may wish to chat on the phone with someone in the know to help with writing it. 

Most of the posted reviews on this site were first visited by me to scout the trails before a write-up. As locations get farther afield from my Toronto home, and the ski season seems to get shorter, this has gotten difficult to do. So I need to ask others to help me share all the wonderful Nordic trail locations in Ontario. (that includes you guys in NW Ontario, nudge nudge)

Once I have all the content I need for a review, give it a few weeks for me to do a write up and post it. (This is also a chance that your location will be add (for free) to my future Nordic trail guide book.)

Send me a link to your club website and Facebook page.
Include photos similar to what you see on this site.


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