Kivi Park

4472 Long Lake Rd. Sudbury
Posted on December 22, 2018 / 3186
Kivi Park
Location : Northern Ontario
X-Ski km : 22
Skate km : 22
Snowshoe km : 24
Skill Level : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : small hills, wide paths, gentle hills, flat sections
Facilities : parking, chalet, toilets/outhouse, change rooms, drinking water, food close by, trailhead map, good trail signage, trails maintained, track set, gear rentals
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 24 km

Cross-Country track set  – 22 km
Skate Skiing groomed – 22 ? km
Snowshoe trail – 24 km

Skill – All levels

Terrain –  flat sections, rolling hills, lakes, mixed treed woods, wetlands

Hours – none posted

Fee – $9 single, $25 family

Trail Map – signed maps at junctions, no paper map

Facilities – Parking, chalet, rentals, lessons, snacks, snowmobile parking, ice rink

Highlights – lots of snowshoe track, scenic, wilderness, local to Sudbury

Phone – none

Website –  Kivi Park

Current Conditions  

Similar Trails –  Walden, Windy Lake, Capreol

Local Clubs –   Facebook,  Twitter

Access –  Main parking at 4472 Long Lake Road. About 2km down Raft Lake Rd. there is parking for closer access to the advanced good tracks outback.

You will find many winter activities at Kivi Park just south of Sudbury. The two main features are Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing. With many trail options in length and difficulty there is enough here for everyone to try.

Recently this large tract of land was graciously donated by the Fielding family and is still in development. I was there last winter to snowshoe and there is evidence of good things to come.

Their maps list 22 km of Nordic ski trail and even more Snowshoeing at 24 km. As to how much of the ski trail you can skate ski is hard to determine, as I did a day of snowshoeing and could see room enough to skate on the loops. If this width is consistent throughout, their website does not indicate (yet).

The terrain for the loops start with a gradual climb over a hill, with a descent into a wetland area. Beyond this flat zone, the fun starts in the ridge area. I would have to say the snowshoeing is more advanced here than the skiing, with one loop going way back for a long 7 km trek.

I would recommend the 5.5 km Red Ridge loop to snowshoe on. It is scenic, varied with an optional side trail up Ristimaki Lookout on the eastside. (As the photos show it was a dull day so I saved that trail for another time.)

With all the loops sharing and diverging, the signage can get a little crazy though we trekked along one to the next and still found the parking lot. lol

The one trail that I avoided was the Grey 6 km Snowshoe loop. It zig-zags unnaturally back and forth like a mouse in a maze. I see no fun in it… was it cut for racing??

This new family-based recreational area has other activities like skating, fatbikes, survival camps and loppets. The “chalet” is a portable shelter with snacks and this year it has gear rentals.

Sudbury can be cold and there are no warming huts along the way, so watch the time and dress well.

If you are in the area, be sure to bring the family here for some good times that all can enjoy, with no entrance fee to pay.

I will be updating this review again as new Nordic trail outbacks are planned and better/ permanent facilities are in the works.

Opening Hours
  • Monday :None posted
  • Tuesday :None posted
  • Wednesday :None posted
  • Thursday :None posted
  • Friday :None posted
  • Saturday :None posted
  • Sunday :None posted

Google trail map

Kivi ski trail map

Kivi ski trail map






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