Seneca College

13990 Dufferin St, King City
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Seneca College
Listing Type : Cross Country Ski / Snowshoe
X-Ski km : 14
Snowshoe km : 14+
Skill Level : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : wide paths, gentle hills, open fields, flat sections
Facilities : parking, trailhead map, good trail signage
Trail Fee : Free (parking fee)

Length – 14 km

Cross Country track set  14 km ?
Skate Skiing  groomed  0 km

Snowshoe  trail  14 km +

Skill – Easy, Intermediate

Terrain – Railroad bed on the east side, gets hilly at backend

Hours – Daylight hours, any day

Fee – Free, except for parking $5

Trail Map – none, map at trailhead, limited signage on trail (area too small to get lost)

Facilities –  Parking, no food, water, outhouse (school may be open)

Highlights – Eaton House estate and grounds, lake views, very close to Toronto

Phone – None

Website – Seneca King Campus

Current Conditions – No grooming

Similar Trails –  Whitchurch, Bendor, Thompson Park

Local Clubs – High Park SKi Club, Trakkers, Halton Outdoor Club

Access – from Toronto go north on hwy 400, turn off at King City hwy 11, head east to Dufferin Rd. then north past side Rd. 15, entrance on west side, park in large north lot by old cabin or east side of lot for other trailhead.

Seneca College, King Campus has about 14 km of trail and is a very close spot for a quick ski /snowshoe just north and central to Toronto. This is an easy ski for those with gear and a bit of time. A snow base is lacking some years and currently there are no services available.

Being so south, some years conditions are so bare there is little to no skiing/snowshoeing possible. Certain years it has been actively run out of the Outdoor Centre with a fee and rentals, but currently it is free with limited use. You just need to pay for your parking at the east end lot.

Trails are fairly wide, flat and straight. There are tougher hills at the back and a few nice pockets of evergreen trees to ski through. On the map some of the winding green trails are not an easy ski, with quick turns and drops.

The trails never get too busy and they are marked with coloured arrows according to difficulty. A few junctions have maps on the posts so you are never lost.

This area has a history of once being owned by the Eaton family, as their Eaton House country estate still stands on the hill north of Seneca Lake. One can ski right by it and along the lake’s edge.

Trails are not groomed and hikers and dogs can be seen on them, so be ready to make your own tracks.

Though there is no grooming on these trails, most are wide enough to do skate skiing. Depending on conditions, amount of footprints, you might get a good run in.

Don’t expect any amenities like a warming hut to be open most days. Bathrooms can be found at the main entrance in Seneca College down the road if there is a real need and if the school is open.

Opening Hours
  • Monday :Daylight
  • Tuesday :Daylight
  • Wednesday :Daylight
  • Thursday :Daylight
  • Friday :Daylight
  • Saturday :Daylight
  • Sunday :Daylight

King Campus trail map

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