My Cell Phone is Lost in the Snow

My Cell Phone is Lost in the Snow

Snow may be our friend to ski on, but I was just reminded in a very real way last weekend that it can also be very good at hiding things

As I was trying out a new pair of skate skis on the skate loop at Albion Hills, I fell on a rather steep descent. At the bottom was one of those quick right turns, and I was not used to these new skis, blah, blah, excuses, excuses. There I went head over heels into the powder snow, with no damage except to my ego. Having almost done the splits (yikes) I rolled over in the snow to get up without popping my skies off. (very macho)

Taking a moment to dust myself off, I noticed my waist pack pocket was unzipped! Wallet check, power bar check, cell phone…No phone!?? OK not cool, where is it? Now the snow that day was a good 30cm (12 inches) of powder and the phone could not be found. With one ski I scraped the snow right down in the area of the fall – nothing!

What to do but head back on the trail I came, a 4 km path with 3 BIG hills. Perhaps somehow it had popped out along the way or I had left it at the chalet with my girlfriend. Nothin’…

OK re-grouped at the chalet, decided to borrow my gal’s phone to call myself when I get back to the spot I fell. I weighed the chances of finding it at 10%.

What were the chances that buried in the snow I would get a signal,
and I would hear it ring?

As well, my tracking app was still running and cold batteries die quickly. Tired…almost did not trek back. Should I write my phone off?

Well…off I went and the first thing was to find a shortcut to not suffer those damn hills four times. Made it back to the spot and as I was taking my skis off, I stepped on my phone, what luck! It was just a bit farther than where I had fallen.

The message was loud and clear from this incident.
You can lose stuff in the snow very easily and it can screw you up bad.

Losing a phone, car keys, glasses, wallet, mp3 player…can be a real headache.

So the next time you venture out into a winter wonderland, secure your valuables in zipped pockets (I have less faith in velcro) and have a backup plan. Backup your phone data, have a spare key under your car, with another ski buddy who also has cash and can drive if you get hurt. Ya, that reminds me of another crazy story…LOL

btw still looking for a “misplaced” house key hmmm … should I go back in the spring??

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