What is Snowshoeing ?

What is Snowshoeing ?

Snowshoeing ? Is it for ME, Would I Like It ?


Snowshoeing has recently caught on as a new winter sport for a few good reasons. Many people have taken to it because almost everyone can do it.

It’s very easy to get the knack of walking on snow with duck feet and you can use poles as well.

The other main reason snowshoeing has had a resurgence is the complete redesign in equipment. The days of oversized wooden snowshoes held together by leather straps are gone.

Now shoes are built smaller, lighter with aluminum and plastics parts. They strap easily to any winter boot and underneath they now have metal teeth for traction on hills. (Good for walking on ice too!)

With this renewed interest, most Nordic resorts have a few trails you can stomp through and most resorts rent gear too.

Frankly, one can snowshoe almost anywhere you find a few inches of snow.

The size of the snowshoe length and width is based on your weight. How well you walk on the snow really depends on how packed the snow is. You will sink in new powder snow, which can be fun or frustrating depending on how fast and far you wish to go.

One can use poles for balance but on a well-packed trail you might opt not to, and even take your snowshoes off occasionally.

Snowshoeing costs less than other Nordic sports and can be an easier aerobic exercise. So dress in more layers to not get a chill.

The slower pace makes it a good social activity to get out with the family and even for those who are not too fit.



As a solo outing one can carry more in a backpack than skiing and stop for pictures. And the best advantage of snowshoes is they can take you to places too deep for skis to get that perfect photo.

There you have it! I need not go on and on as this sport is rather easy and basic in its form. In future articles I’ll get into the few techniques, gear, clothing choices and favourite trails.

Got “cabin fever”? Get out there and give it a try, and enjoy the serenity and beauty of Ontario forests.

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